Get Paid to Spend your Day with Pets

Typical Month as a Pet Sitter

Pick 2 weekends you can commit to being available mornings 7-9am, midday 11-3pm and night 7-9pm at leastw

Clients are assigned to you based on your experience, location & availability. When one of your assigned clients requests services you are invited to commit to their trip.  Please commit to whole trip. Consistency is key for client peace of mind and care of pets plus you get to keep the whole tip. If you have an emergency a back up sitter is available.  Ex: Walker family needs 3 visits per day starting midday on Monday ending Friday morning. If Walkers are one of your assigned clients, we would text and ask if can you visit Walker pets midday and night Monday, 3 times/ day Tuesday - Thursday and Friday morning. You would confirm on your own calendar that you can commit to a visit on those days at the appropriate times and respond immediately. When you can't commit to the trip, we move to the next sitter on that client's list. Once you commit, you've committed. You can add more clients during that time or you can decline and focus on that client. Your choice based on your availability and desired amount of money you wish to make pet sitting.

Typical visit

At each visit you will perform the Big 5: Home and Big 5: Pet  for each pet. Visits are 25 mins, 45 mins, 90 mins or 10 hours overnight.

Big 5: Home

Big 5: Pets

How much money can I make?

The amount of money you make is based on your availability. The more client reservations you accept and provide excellent care for the more you move up as the primary sitter. Sitters are paid 45-55% of cost of visit depending on service, experience and availability. A typical non-holiday weekend would bring in about $200 - $250 and you would likely work about 12 hours

Holiday pay is also available in the form of $5 additional for each visit on and around holidays. Be available on holidays and you will make GOOD MONEY plus TIPS!

Pet PROs job description